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Defective Product Claims

Product liability or defective product claims refers to all parties involved in the manufacturing, retailing, and supplying of the product. Defective products cause thousands of injuries and even deaths in the United States every year.

Paul FinaProducts contain harmful ingredients that can cause harm to human health. Such people are liable to claim product liability. The manufacturers of the said product also pay compensation for the defective products. The defective product includes medicines, medical devices, food, cars, computers, toys, machines, etc. All these things cause injuries and harm to many people every year, and this usually happens before we can know the potential damage a product can bring into our lives. There are some cases where manufacturers of a brand know the risks but fail to provide a prior warning. So if you have any such situation to face, let others know about hiring a defective product lawyer before it can damage anyone else.

At Fina law office, we are well trained and had years of experience dealing with defective product claims. Our Downers Grove IL faulty products lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. We can ensure that you get enough bonuses to pay for the medical bills, lost wages, and pain.

Types Of Products Defects

Manufacturing Defect

A defect that arises due to the incompetent manufacturing of a product is called a manufacturing defect. Any weakness can happen, such as mixing a foreign element while manufacturing that can harm or even injure you after consumption.

Few examples of manufacturing defects are:

  • A defective batch of medicine containing a harmful substance
  • A car with defective tires or brakes
  • A bicycle with a cracked structure

Design Defect

A defect in product design is called a design defect. A manufacturer has to design a product so that it does not risk human lives if struck. All the safety measures are a must while creating the work. But unfortunately, all the products which have defective design are defective even before they are many faulty.

Few examples of design defects are:

  • A pair of sunglasses failed to protect you from harmful sun rays.
  • Defective airbags failed to protect you after an accident.
  • A defective shaver harms you while using at high speed.

Failure To Warn

Often the manufacturers are failed to warn the consumers about the dangers of a product. If a person uses drugs or tobacco-like everyone else, it does not make it safe for consumption. Manufacturers are also liable to warn the users about the proper way of using a product. Usually, such warnings are printed on the packing or in the instructional manual of a product. If you face the problem using a product, and it does not notice its labeling, you can claim for the harm it caused you.

Few Examples Of Failure To Warn:

  • An energy drink with no warning about the side effects can cause you if taken with other beverages.
  • An electric oven without any warning that its upper part gets hot while in use
  • The glue which can stick to your skin and comes with no such warning

To explain it better for our readers, let’s take the example of a car. If a vehicle has defective tires, it is a manufacturing defect. But if all the same brand vehicles have faulty tires, it is a design defect, and if the manufacturer fails to warn the drivers about the use of defective tires, he fails to warn the users.

Who Can Claim A Defective Product?

The injured person who used the product and harmed by it can sue the manufacturing company to pay for the medical bills, lost wages, and suffering. If a second person or a bystander who did not use the product but is harmed by it can also claim the defective product compensation. For example, if a car ran over him due to faulty brakes, he can sue the car manufacturing company even if he did not purchase the vehicle.

If your husband or wife face problems due to a defective product, you can claim for the compensation. You can sue the manufacturing company for having a disabled spouse and the love and support you have lost because of it.

The children can also claim for the support and love they have lost because of having an injured parent. Parents need to provide love, care, and consent to their children, and if they are unable to do so due to defective product use, they can sue the manufacturing company for it.

Who Can You Sue For Using A Defective Product?

Now the question is, who can you sue and ask for compensation if you face issues by using a defective product? The answer is everyone involved in the chain of distribution, such as the manufacturers and the retailer, are liable to pay for your losses. Manufacturers who manufactured a faulty product and the retailer who sold it to you are the ultimate defendants in any defective product lawsuit. Parent companies are also sued sometimes for allowing its subsidiary for manufacturing defective products. If an investigation shows that the parent company is involved in designing, manufacturing, and marketing the product, the accuser can proceed against the parent company.

Local retailers and distributors have a right to make manufacturers pay for the harm as well. It is their legal right to sue the manufacture for distributing defective products to them. If a user has problems by using a product bought from a retailer, he uses him for it, and the retailer, in turn, sues the manufacturer for it.

Defective product lawsuits are more common in the United States than in any other country. If you or your loved ones are a victim of using any defective product, connect them to the experienced lawyers to secure the compensation for their loss. Only a competent attorney can evaluate your case to its fullest and fight to protect your rights.

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