Boat Accidents

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Boat Accident Claims In Downers Grove

Downers Grove is a beautiful state. People here like to enjoy boating on inland channels and other water bodies. Activities like fishing, skiing, and relaxing on the water are quite common here. Unfortunately, accidents happen due to various reasons, and people suffer both mentally and physically. But we have got you covered. If you are in Downers Grove, IL, you can contact us at Fina law office to claim the personal injuries that happened due to a boating accident.

According to statistics, 12,000,000 boats are registered in the United States every year, and 47,000 recreational boating accidents occur every year. Almost 700 people die due to these accidents. We make sure that you could get what you deserve.

boat accident is a quite scary experience, and if it does not cost you your life, it leaves many injuries. These injuries are devastating in most cases, such as spinal cord fractures and severe brain injuries. Some of the passengers even lose their limbs.

Unfortunately, both passengers and boat operators are not prepared to handle emergencies arise if an accident occurs. The accident survivors are left wondering whose fault it was while fighting with the medical bills and mental trauma on the other side. Boat owners and operators are often responsible for the negligence. They have a legal obligation to safeguard the lives of people. When they fail to fulfill their duty, they are the ones who should be held responsible and pay for the damage, injuries, and loss of lives.

Causes Of Boat Accidents

Below are the most common causes of boat accidents. Let’s check them out one by one.

Collision With Another Boat

One boat operator may hit another boat, and as a result, one of the boat operators is injuring. He is liable to sue the other boat operator to pay for the damage and injuries.

Operator’s Error

Most of the time, a boating accident happens due to the negligence of a boat operator. Boat operators are often confused due to poor lighting conditions, over speeding, or navigational errors. Lousy weather also contributes to such accidents.

Alcohol Consumption

According to federal data, alcohol is the leading cause of most boating accidents. Some of these accidents are dangerous and cause instant drowning of the boats.

Natural Causes

In some cases, nature also plays a part and can be dangerous—hidden rocks in the water, bad weather conditions, and high waves also responsible for boat accidents. Inexperienced boat operators are not experts in handling such situations and end up risking many people’s lives.

Poor Maintenance Of Boats

Just like other vehicles, boats also require regular maintenance services. If one or many parts fail, it leads to a boating accident. Product defects can also lead to death and serious injuries.

Lack Of Life-Saving Products

In case a boating accident occurs, you can save many lives if you have proper medical supplies, life vests, and other safety items on the boats. Some of these things are essential to prevent any further damages.

What To Do After A Boating Accident (Key Points)

If you get into an accident, we hope you are aboard and look around if anyone needs your help. If you have fallen, it is good to climb on the floating debris and shout for help. You must have a life jacket to save yourself from drowning as 70% of boating accidents victims drown.

The next thing to do is contact coastal guards if possible. Let them know about the accident and the medical assistance you need. After this, look around and see if anyone out there needs medical help. We recommend that you should never leave the accident scene before any use arrived. Even if you are not injured, we still recommend that you see a doctor immediately so that he can run some necessary tests to determine if you have any internal issues due to the boat accident.

How To Gather Information From A Boat Accident Scene

  • Once you are sure that everyone is okay, including you, your next step is to collect information to file a claim.
  • Gather the information about the boat operator’s name, address, and contact details who was involved in the accident.
  • Collect details about all the passengers who were on board at the time accident. Write down their names, addresses, and contact numbers.
  • Names, address, and contact details of any eye witness who had been the incident from his own eyes either from the shore or from other vessels Details about other boats involved in the accident, Collect their registration numbers, and further information.
  • Get information about the insurance company names and insurance policy numbers of those involved in the accident.
  • Please take photos of the accident scene with your phone to use them to make your claim stronger. These photos are helpful to determine whose fault it was.

Types Of Compensation In Case Of Boat Accident Injury

You are eligible for compensation if you had a boat accident. Fina law office in Downers Grove IL can help you if you:

  • Are injured due to boat accident and has medical bills to pay
  • Have lost your job due to the accident
  • Are suffering from physical pain
  • Have mental issues due to trauma

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