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Fire And Burn Injury Claims

Fires are a leading cause of unfortunate death in the United States as well as worldwide. According to the world health organization, around 265,000 people die due to fire worldwide. This number is even more astonishing when it comes to the United States only. About 450,000 people face fire-related injuries in the United States every year that require medical attention. Approximately 45000 people are hospitalized every year for burn injuries. 68% of all these burn injuries occur at homes, while the other 10% usually occur at workplaces. Ovens and stoves have caused almost 17,300 injuries, while heating equipment has caused 58,660 injuries in one recent year.

Children are often the victims of these fire-related injuries. According to the Safe Kids report, 325 children under the age of 19 died due to fires at residential places in one recent year. One hundred thirty-six thousand four hundred fifty-three people went to hospitals due to their burn injuries.

Encountering a fire-related injury is indeed a traumatic experience. It leaves many scars that take years to heal, both internal and external. Burn injuries can occur anywhere and are extremely painful. Sometimes you get hurt by someone else’s negligence. We at the Fina law office believes that you do not have to pay for your medical bills and the lost wages. You deserve a lot of compensation for your pain and suffering. Our experienced fire and burn injury claims lawyers at Downers Grove IL are ready to help you get the payment for your health and support. You have already suffered a lot, and we think you need help to move forward with your life. Give us a call and have a free consultation of your case.

Types Of Fire And Burn-Related Injuries Lawsuits

A typical fire and burn-related injury lawsuits are generally focusing on three categories:

  • Negligence
  • Defective product
  • Premises liability

A case applies to all three types of injuries; however, there is a time limit during which a victim must file a claim.

Burn Injuries Caused By Negligence

Injuries caused by someone else’s negligence like a group, car, people, or a company is liable for compensation. If you think that someone’s negligence causes your injuries, let us know in detail, and we will try our best to help you. But you must be capable of providing evidence that the guilty party owed you a sense of attention, and he or she is responsible for that duty, which ultimately harmed you.

Burn Injuries Caused By A Defective Product

If you face problems by using a defective product such as electronics, ovens, stoves, you are eligible to file a compensation claim. The company that manufactured the faulty product, the retailer who sold it, is liable to pay for the damage. Even if no human being is negligent still, the compensation is a must. The product can have a defective design, manufacturing defects, failure to show warning labels, etc. Suppose you are willing to file a lawsuit against the defective product. In that case, you must prove that a particular product has a manufacturing and faulty design and is manufactured and sold by the same company. The factors involved in causing the fire were also using the product as the owners fail to warn its users.

Burn Injuries Caused By Premises Liability

If your burn injuries happened on someone else’s property, the property owners are liable to pay for the damage. It was their duty to keep their property in a safe condition so that everyone stays safe. It is their civic duty to regularly inspect their property and repair the damages or display warnings about the dangers.

Types Of Burn Injuries

Usually, fire and burn-related injuries are divided into three categories to understand the severity.

1) First Degree Burns

These burns are not as severe as they harm only the top layer of the skin and are usually treated at homes.

2) Second-degree burns

These burs are serious as they damage the layer underneath the top layer as well. They need serious medical attention. These burns show blisters on the skin leave scars as well.

3) Third-Degree Burns

These are the most severe types of fire-related injuries. They damage the innermost layers of the skin and damage nerves. The victim often loses vital skin tissues and require skin grafts to restore limb movement.

Although their degree burns are the most serious ones, that do not mean that you don’t get medical help with the first two types of burn injuries, we recommend that you visit a doctor soon as you can and let us know if you want to file a claim for your pain and suffering.

Compensation For Fire/Burn-Related Injuries

No one can indeed know how much you have suffered physically and emotionally due to a fire accident. But we can help to make sure that you will get payment for the following types of compensations in a fire or burn-related injury lawsuit:

  • Economic damages
  • Non-economic damages

1) Economic Damages

This type of damage means the money you have paid or will have to pay for your medical treatment. It also includes other things such as lost wages due to accident, cost of surgery, burn unit treatments, skin grafting charges, loss of earning capabilities, and property damages. The defendant must pay if the fire accident happened on his property because of his negligence.

2) Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are as consequential as economic damages. No one can pay for the pain endured during the process. The defendant is liable to pay for the emotional stress, disfigurement due to fire, physical impairment, pain, scarring, and consortium loss.

The judge and the jury usually calculate damage in a fire-related lawsuit. They analyze medical bills, financial records, and treatment costs. We at Fina law office go the extra mile for you and make sure you get compensation beyond your expectations. We have helped many fires and burn victims in the past, and we are ready to help you as well. We have past cases which we have won without any problems to show you how competent we are at handling these cases.

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