Nursing Home Abuse

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Nursing Home Abuse Claims

When we leave our loved ones at a nursing home, we expect others to treat them with love, care, and dignity. But unfortunately, it is not valid for everyone. Not all of them care for your mother or father as you do. Nursing home abuse is widespread in America. Most nursing homes pay significantly fewer wages to employees for long working hours. They mistreat the residents both physically and mentally. Most of the time, the staff is inexperienced. The staff is not always well trained and fails to provide the ultimate care and love they should provide to the elderly. Some of them fail badly and end up torturing and raping the residents.

If you are facing nursing home abuse, we have got you covered. At Fina law office, we have experienced attorneys who handle such cases with compassion and love. Contact us or fill the online form to contact you and provide you with a free consultation service. Whether intentional or negligent, we believe in fighting for those who usually do not have a voice.

Different Kinds Of Nursing Home Abuse

Different kinds of nursing home abuse may lead to a personal injury case as well. We need you to read them carefully so that you can know if your loved one is facing abuse:

Physical Abuse

If nursing home staff use physical force against the elderly such as kicking or hitting, falls under the physical abuse claims. It can also cause pain or injury. Using physical restraints or improper medications also falls under the same category.

Some Signs Of Physical Abuse Are:

  • Broken bones or fractures
  • Unhealed wounds /Scars
  • Bruising
  • Afraid of physical touch
  • Changes in behaviors or personality
  • Scars of old wounds
  • Fearful of a specific staff member
  • Reluctant to see visitors
Sometimes These Wounds Or Injuries Are Unexplained By The Nursing Home Staff, Or Their Explanation May Not Fit The Context.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse in nursing homes is widespread. Residents may be sexually abused by the staff members, leaving them traumatized for the rest of their lives. Sexual abuse is a kind of act that is not mutual and forced upon the elderly. This type of behavior involved inappropriate touching, unwanted exposure to sexual arts, and even rape. Mostly the residents who are incapable of showing their consent, such as mentally deficient people, are victims of abusers.

Watch out for the signs of sexual abuse as it includes:

  • Genital infections, herpes, STDs
  • Bruised or bleeding genitals
  • Torn underwear
  • Changes in physical and emotional behaviors
  • Reluctant to see visitors
  • Afraid of a specific staff member
  • Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse occurs when a staff member harms a resident’s self-esteem by using harsh words and other actions. All these actions cause emotional distress, anxiety, depression, insults, and humiliation in the elderly. Some nursing home staff isolate a person from the rest, yell at them, and make them resign to their will. Emotional abuse does not harm a person physically, but it increases anxiety levels, which leads to depression and makes them scared. Some of the signs you must be watching out for if you suspect an emotional abuse:

  • Being Stressed
  • Being angry or desperate
  • Indifference towards others
  • Change in behavior
  • Reluctant to see visitors
  • Financial Abuse

Financial abuse occurs in nursing homes when a staff member steals money from a resident without his knowledge. He can also use deceptive methods to gains access to his account or use his credit card without permission. It is illegal, and he can get punishment as per the state’s law. Other financial abuses include using elder’s checks, demanding money or asking for the power of attorney, etc.

Look Out For The Signs To Know If Your Loved One Is Facing Financial Abuse:

  • Signature of caregivers on financial documents
  • Caregiver’s name of elderly’s bank documents
  • Changes in the will
  • Missing money from the account
  • Lost ATM or credit cards
  • Fake signatures on documents
  • Loss of expensive possessions

Things to do If You Think nursing home Abused has occurred? If you notice any of the above signs, we recommend that you contact the respective nursing home administration as soon as possible. Share your concerns and ask for their opinion.

If you think they are the culprits and do not get a favorable response, please contact the police. We also recommend that you hire a lawyer to safeguard your grounds and get better results. Discuss how your loved ones can get compensation for the pain they have endured.

Filing A Lawsuit Against The Nursing Home Abuse

Paul FinaA lawyer can help you against the respective nursing home. He knows how to file a claim so that your loved ones can get payment. On a contingency basis, these cases mean you do not have to pay anything to the lawyers unless you get the compensation amount.

The first step of filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit is that the lawyer meets with the client to verify his or her abuse severity. He investigates the issue thoroughly and files the lawsuit. He then serves the notice to the defendant. The settlement process starts, and usually, such cases resolve at this stage. If not determined, the case goes to trial, and both parties present their point of view.

Finally, the settlement amount comes in. To Mostly such cases take some time to resolve. Months to fix, and if it goes to trial, it takes even longer to resolve. In the case of a jury verdict, both parties can appeal against the decision.

At Fina law office, we commit to providing you with the best services because we know how difficult it is even to imagine your loved ones’ abuse. We are available 24/7 for those who are facing this situation. We are here to help. We have tackled many such cases in the past and are willing to help you as well.

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