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A serious injury accident can turn your life upside down and wreak havoc financially. When the accident was due to another person’s negligence, you should not have to pay the financial price as well as the physical and emotional costs you are already experiencing. With the help of a reputable Chicago personal injury lawyer, you may be able to get compensation for your medical bills, your pain and suffering and your lost wages.

You can count on the Law Offices of Paul J. Fina for high-quality, experienced and communicative legal representation for all types of personal injury claims. Reach out to our award-winning Illinois personal injury attorney today to learn about your legal options.

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Attorney Paul Fina Chicago LawyerAfter an injury accident, the primary person looking out for your best interests is you. That is why it is so important to make all of the right decisions, including contacting a lawyer who gets results. Chicago personal injury attorney Paul J. Fina has been acknowledged by the Trial Lawyers Board of Regents as being in the top 1% of lawyers. He has the extensive background and experience necessary to help you with your legal needs and assure that you or your family member receives just compensation for your injuries. See what past clients have to say.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyer is pleased to put his extensive knowledge of Illinois law to work serving clients in Cook, DuPage and Kane Counties. When you work with him, he will carefully walk you through all of your options.

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Hardworking Accident Representation

Did you know there are an average of 6 million car accidents in the U.S. every year? Car crashes are a leading cause of catastrophic injuries in America, and over 40,000 people die in them annually. These accidents cost an average of $230.6 billion annually.

In Illinois, people are seriously injured and killed every hour on our roadways. Most of these injury accidents occur in the Chicago area. In the last five years alone, there were more than 80,000 injury accidents, with 10,000 of those accidents resulting in debilitating injuries. If you were injured in a car accident, you need a top-rated injury lawyer you can trust to protect your interests and get you the compensation you deserve to pay expensive medical bills and the other costs of another driver’s negligence. Our Chicago personal injury lawyer assists with all types of motor vehicle and other injury accidents.


As a top Chicago personal injury lawyer, Paul Fina has an extensive winning record. Beyond just experience, Paul genuinely cares about the people he represents. We help people in Cook, DuPage and Kane counties and throughout the Chicago area who have been injured due to negligence. Reach out for a free consultation.

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No matter what kind of accident you have been in, our personal injury attorney serving Chicago and Downers Grove is confident we can help you. Paul Fina has successfully handled many types of personal injury claims in the Chicago area, including car accidents and other motor vehicle claims, work injuries, construction accidents, medical malpractice claims, slip and falls and more. He represents clients in DuPage County, Cook County and Kane County.

Injury accidents in general and auto accident collisions especially can be deadly. Many people suffer broken bones, neck and back pain, and other serious harm, which results in very expensive doctor bills and other costs. You should not have to pay these costs for an accident that was not your fault.

Our Downers Grove Personal Injury Attorney Gets Results

At The Fina Law Offices in Chicago and Downers Grove, we have handled hundreds of accident and personal injury-related cases. We pride ourselves on getting maximum compensation settlements for injured clients and those who have lost loved ones.

Our personal injury attorney in Downers Grove will gather all the information needed to file a strong claim and will first try to negotiate a settlement with the other parties involved. If a settlement can’t be reached, he will advise you about taking your case to trial. He will work closely with you throughout your personal injury case.

Generally, you have two years from the date you were injured or you discovered your injury to file a personal injury claim. There are some exceptions to this time limit. Once our attorney learns the details of your case, he can advise you about specific deadlines.

How much money you may get is based on your injuries and the damages you have suffered. Generally, the more severe your injuries, the higher the compensation. Our attorney can provide a value range once he learns the details of your case.

If your family member died in an accident, you may be able to get compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. In Illinois, wrongful death lawsuits must be filed by personal representatives of the deceased. Spouses and potentially other dependents may be entitled to compensation.

Insurance companies make more money if they can reduce the amount they pay out. They may take advantage of people not represented by an experienced personal injury lawyer. You have a better chance of obtaining fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages with the help of an experienced Chicago and Downers Grove personal injury lawyer.

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Our Chicago personal injury lawyer works on a contingency basis. What this means is that you don’t pay us unless we win you compensation through a settlement or award at trial. We also provide free, no-obligation consultations, so you have nothing to lose and potentially much to gain by speaking with us about your accident case. Contact us today by calling 630-960-4141 or reaching out online. Our responsive personal injury attorney in Downers Grove will work hard in pursuing the compensation to which you are entitled.

If you were hurt in a trucking accident, motorcycle accident, automobile accident or other dangerous mishap, you need an experienced attorney protecting your rights and interests. You will find that experience at the Law Offices of Paul J. Fina. We represent clients throughout Cook and DuPage counties.