Dog Bite Accidents

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Animal & Dog Bites: Chicago Dog Bite Attorney

On a yearly basis, millions are either attacked or bitten by animals. Any animal, even those that are seemingly docile, can be provoked to violence. Based on researched performed by the CDC, 1 out of every 72 people in the US are bitten by dogs. For those victims, there may be the possibility to hold animal owners liable for injuries sustained in particular circumstances.

Paul FinaContacting and reputable attorney is crucial to ensure that your case is handled properly. An experienced attorney will be familiar with the dog bite laws and will know the rights of those victimized by dog bites. Paul J. Fina has the information and skills necessary to compensate victims of dog bites for the pain and suffering that results from these attacks.

Children experience nearly half of the bites that take place annually and are much more likely to required medical attention than adults who experience dog bites. Dog bites can cause puncture wounds, scarring, or infection, depending on the health of the dog. Diseases such as rabies and Parvo are only two of the possible diseases that may result from a dog bite.

Obtaining information such as the dog’s medical and behavioral history, witness accounts, and police reports is beneficial. It is generally accepted that a dog owner can be held responsible for the behavior of a pet that to injury if the victim if he or she can prove that the owner knew that the animal was a danger to others. In the event of a dog bite, gathering all of the information possible about the injury and the dog will help Mr. Fina accurately assess your case to provide the best legal counsel.