Truck Accidents

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Truck Accidents

Involving in any vehicle accident can be a stressful experience. Truck accidents are fatal accidents and often lead to severe damages and injuries. It even makes people lose their lives and paralyze them for life. When a trucking company’s negligence leaves you devastated, it is your right to claim material and personal damages. We at Fina law office cater to all types of truck accident damages. You can rely on us for healthy and authentic claims registration and compensation. We make sure that you get what you deserve.

Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

As compared to cars and monocycles, trucks are enormous and carry away more load than any other vehicle. Thanks to online shopping, now many people prefer to shop online, which resulted in more traffic loads on the roads. Shipping companies use big trucks to make deliveries nationwide. We often see FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Amazon delivery trucks on the streets. Although truck drivers are licensed and trained drivers, they still make mistakes and accidents happen on the roads every other day. They carry a lot of weight, make deliveries on time, and meet deadlines. They are always overburdened with their duties and responsibilities. All these elements increase the risk of truck accidents.

Below Are The Most Common Types Of Reasons Which Cause Truck Accidents. Let’s Have A Look.

Inadequate Training

Although most trucking companies only hire experienced and trained drivers, there are still exceptions. Most drivers do not have adequate training to drive large vehicles or do not follow traffic rules. Incompetency to take safety measures during driving is also a significant cause of accidents on the roads.


It is the primary cause of truck accidents on the highways. The hectic schedule of truck drivers and companies and the pressure to deliver on time often lead to rash driving. Some trucking companies pay more to drivers who move faster and make more deliveries.

Vehicular Weight And Stopping Distance

As compared to cars, trucks carry a lot of weight. If the importance of a car is 2.5 tons, a vehicle has approximately 40 tons. That is why it requires a longer time to stop. Let’s take an example, and if both auto and a truck full of weight are driving
at 40 mph and both starts breaking, the car will immediately come to a halt; however, a vehicle will move 45 feet more before it can cause standstill. The longer the car, the longer it takes to stop. Speed also matters. If a truck is moving at a fast pace, it will take even more to prevent it.

What To Do After You Had A Truck Accident?

Truck accidents are scary. But if you want to pursue to claim the damages legally, you need to gather pieces of evidence to make your claim stronger. Most insurance companies are reluctant to compensate for the whole settlement and thus minimize claims’ chances. So it would help if you collected as many evei8dnece as you can get what you deserve.

Take Photos

Take photos of the accident scene as many as possible. The images provide a lot of details about what exactly happened at the accident scene. People describe things; differently photos can clear any misunderstandings.


Witnesses are crucial to testify in your favor. They are the ones who know what happened and whose fault it was. So if you see anyone at the accidental location, get to know them, ask for their contact information so that they can help you to file your claim whenever required.

Driver’s Driving History

If you face such a situation and is hit by the truck driver, going through his driving history can be very beneficial. We may find a clue about past accidents, his medical history, or even a drug test that can be useful. All these are essential to make your claim stronger.

Medical History

Whoever on fault can get a medical test to find out any medical issues or history. If you are the truck driver’s hit, your medical tests will show the degree of your injuries or any other medical history. If you are the driver, your driving history, medical history, drug problems, or sleep problems can be testified against you.

Phone Records

As per a survey, almost 2841 people died in road accidents due to distracted driving. Using a cellphone during driving can be fatal for you and the other people on the road. The driver’s phone records are to see if he was using the phone at the time of the accident or other distractions.

Vehicle Maintenance Issues

Was the truck in good condition at the time it had an accident? It is the most significant question mark on the health of the vehicle. Some trucking companies do not bother to pay for the regular maintenance of their cars, and when they fail in doing this, it can be fatal.

Compensation For Truck Accidents

If you had been in a truck accident, you are liable to claim for payment such as:

Medical Expenses

You can claim the defending party to pay for all the medical bills. It includes all types of medical processes such as MRI, Ultrasound, blood tests, etc.

Loss Of Employment

If you face impairment due to an accident and no longer able to work, you are liable to claim for the lost wages, both past, and future.

Property Or Vehicle Damages

Damaged vehicles or property loss is recoverable through a claim. Ask for what you deserve.

Wrongful Death

If your loved one had died in the truck accident, ask for the settlement because you do not need to suffer more.

We are proud to share that we at Fina law office has won many such cases by filing strong claims. Fina law office in Downers Grove, IL, is all you need to go through the painful experience of your life and remember, we are always there to help.

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