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Workers’ Compensation Claim

Worker’s compensation claims are one of the oldest compensation claims in the United States of America. This system started in the 20th century in 1911. Before that, if an employee gets injured during work, he had to take legal action against their employers. Wisconsin was the first state to start an employee compensation fund if an employee gets hurt. Prompt medical and financial compensation begun to facilitate the employees. Other countries followed it quickly to make their workplaces safe for their employees.

Paul FinaFina Law office offers a complete service for employees who face financial issues due to illness or injury at work. We know it is hard to sustain if you are out of work for weeks or months. We know you can’t pay medical bills, let alone meeting day to day expenses. That is why we offer experienced lawyers for your help to file a compensation claim. Downers grove il personal injury lawyers are at your disposal anytime, anywhere.

Worker’s compensation claims have increased in the last few decades as the dangers associated with factory jobs have increased. Now factories work with more hazardous machines that pose a high risk to employees. A system was severely needed which can help employees if they get hurt by them.

But it is not as easy it sounds. Employers usually win such cases, which results in employee mistrust and bad relationships. The employee frequently uses below three defenses to win the points:

Assumption Of Risks

Employers often claim that the risk employee has taken, which injured him, is a normal part of the job. So he is not supposed to filing the claim as he should know about the danger associated with the jib beforehand. This argument weakens employee’s claims most of the time. It is the reason we suggest hiring an experienced lawyer from fina law office so that we can prepare the case in your favor.

1) The Fellow Worker Rule

It is the second most used defense by employers. They often suggest that the employee get an injury due to the mistake of a fellow employee’s negligence, that is why he is not liable to file for the compensation claim.

2) Contributory Negligence

Employers try to prove that the accident happened due to the employee’s negligence at work. Workers usually wait a long time to be paid by the employers if they win the patient, and the compensation they get often has a low value.

3) Denial Of Accident

Employers may deny the fact the injury occurred while the employee was on the job.

Accusing Employee Of False Injuries

It is another reason what employers use to dent employee’s claims for compensation.

In case you are severely injured, and your employer or insurance company denies your claims, you need not worry or give up your legal rights to compensation. You have the option of hiring a lawyer and getting what you deserve.

If you face a denied worker’s compensation claim and wants to settle the issue outside of court, you have the option to avoid a hearing and resolve the problem with the help of a lawyer. Your lawyer will act as a mediatory person between you and your insurance company. If things do not work out, you still have the option to appeal to the court.

How To Request A Trial?

First of all, you need to recall each detail of the incident, write it down. Even the tiniest details of the event would be helpful to make your claim more powerful.

All The Paperwork Needs To Be Complete Before The Hearing. There Are Two Types Of Forms To Fill Out:

  • File form 1008
  • File form 1009

File number 1008 used if you want to file for the general compensation claims and if you only want to get the medical request, go for file form 1009. Once the paperwork is complete, your insurer will get a copy of your claim. A hearing conducts after that, where both parties will present pieces of evidence, requests, and requirements. A judge from the worker’s compensation will preside over the session. A decision forward happens to both parties after 30 days of the hearing. If you face denial compensation, you can file an appeal in Circuit Appellate court.

Common Types Of Injures Our Attorney Handle

Below is the list of most common injuries our attorney’s handle, such as:

  • Bone fractures/injuries
  • Loss of hearing
  • Injuries related to muscles such as torn ligaments, rotator cuff sprains
  • Slipped disks of hernia due to heavy lifting or pushing
  • Stress-related injuries, nerve damage, tendinitis, and bursitis
  • Head injuries or concussions due to falling of objects
  • Construction site accidents
  • Broken bones or amputated limbs
  • Injuries to the spinal cord, neck, hip, eyes, internal organs, ankles
  • Respiratory issues due to chemical exposure

There could be many reasons why any or all of the above accidents happen at work. Faulty or obsolete machinery or dangerous work environment often pose accidents on human beings. You don’t need to prove that the accident occurred due to the negligence or fault of machinery. Worker’s compensation fund is so significant that it compensates you without keeping these things in mind.

The best an employee can protect his rights is through a legal counsel. Only an attorney who knows this job and specializes in this area will be able to help you both emotionally and legally. Because we know the proceedings in the court would be emotionally disturbing for you, and we know how to deal with it. Your employer, on the other side, can use it in his favor. Moreover, only a lawyer knows how to negotiate in the court to maximize the compensation funds and other benefits given by your employers.

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