Social Security Disability

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Social Security Disability Claims

But most of the claims are rejected by the government even if you deserve them. Contact Fina law office in Downers Grove, IL. We are here to get you what you deserve. The process is indeed intimidating even in most deserving cases. At the Fina law office, our attorney is ready to handle such cases. They are well versed with extensive knowledge and experience in representing individuals and help them go through the process and get you the benefits of the social security disability program. Call us today or fill out the form for a free consultation. Our services are available over the state of Louisiana.

How Is Disability Defined For Social Security Claims?

Disability is defined differently here as we see it otherwise. The government of the United States only pays for total disability. No claims go further if you are disabled for a short period or partially disable. However, you are disabled if:

  • You cannot work as you used to do before:
  • You cannot do other work due to medical conditions.
  • You are disabled for life or even die or at least for one year.

It is the criteria on which your disability gets an evaluation. If you are disabled for the short term, social security believes that you have other mediums to compensate, such as workers’ compensation funds, savings, or insurance claims.

Have you suffered a physical disability that has left you off from work? Do you have a mental disability that does not allow you to work full time? Is your disability lasts longer than you expected, or do you have any life-threatening disability? Worry not. You are liable to obtain social security disability claim.

Disability Eligibility Step By Step To File A Claim

Are You Working?

If you enable enough to carry out any job or work and earn more than $12 60 a month, you will not be considered disabled. In case you are not working, your claim will go to the relevant department who will evaluate your medical condition.

Medical Condition

Suppose your medical condition does not allow you to carry out even the routine tasks of a day, such as standing, walking, talking, sitting, or remembering things for at least 12 months. In that case, you are liable for a social security disability claim.

If Your Medical Condition Falls Under The Category Disability

Your medical condition should fall under the category of specific disability lists. If not, we will go to the next step.

Can You Work At The Previous Job?

If you can do the job you were doing previously, you will not be considered disabled.

Can You Do Something New?

Suppose you are not able to do what you were doing previously. In that case, the department will see if you can do something else to make a living. If not, you are qualified for the social security disability claim.

How To Apply For A Social Security Disability Claim

Contact your local social security administration for claims. You can contact them at 1-800-772-1213. You can also access them by visiting their website. Once you visit them, they will assign you a representative who will help you go through the process. He will also help you send your claim to disability determination services to evaluate your condition based on the conditions mentioned above and see if you fall under the disability claims category. You will have guidance about all the benefits you will get under this program. Your work history, education, and age will also be-considered while assigning you an eligibility pregame.

Unfortunately, many claims unable to get compensation at the initial levels. But that does not mean that you lose hope. Contact us to assign you a social security claims lawyer who will guide you from now on.

Common Myths About Social Security Disability Claims

Many people are overwhelmed by the myths that surround social security disability claims. Here we are to make everything clear for you.

Everyone Gets Rejection The First Time They Claim For It

It is a common myth among those who apply or plan to use for social security disability claims. Not all applications get approval in the first step (only 30% are approved), but that does not mean a specific policy to deny the applications. If you work with a lawyer, your chances of getting approved are higher.

Specific Disability Claims Are Auto-Approved

This myth is false. The social security department contains a list of certain illnesses and disabilities. You will get your claim approved if you fall in any of those disabilities, but you still have to prove complete details and evidence of your illness/disability.

If An Application Fails, You Need To File A New One Instead Of An Appeal

Filing an appeal has more chances to approve rather than filing a new claim, primarily if you work with a lawyer. Records show that magnets have a higher chance of being supported than reapplications.

If You Are On Drugs, You Are Not Liable.

It is right in a way, but you are eligible for the claim if you are sober for at least one year.

You Cannot Receive Worker’s Compensation And Social Security At The Same Time

You can receive both compensations, but the amount you receive in place of social security would be less.

Please know that you have only 60 days to appeal. We recommend filing for appeal as soon as you receive a denial to minimize any delays. If you cannot file an appeal within the 60 days of rejection, you have to start over. So don’t waste any more precious time. Get in touch with our SSD lawyer now and have a free consultation. Give us a call and get started now. We have many such cases in history which we have won without any delays. Visit us, and we will be happy to share.

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