Defamation Lawyer

A lawyer for defamation

Paul FinaName and reputation are essential assets that should be protected. The First Amendment gives individuals the right to free speech. However, there are limits to this right. False statements about you can make a person liable for civil defamation. Written defamation can be called libel, while verbal defamation may be called slander. Law Offices of Paul J Fina in Downers Grove is a team of Downers Grove defamation lawyers who can help you understand your rights and determine if you are eligible to claim damages for any injuries you sustained.

A defamation suit must be brought under Illinois law.

  • A false statement was made.
  • The incorrect information was made to a third party without permission from the plaintiff.
  • The defendant knew the report was wrong and had no reasonable belief it was true.
  • The incorrect information damaged the plaintiff.

Certain statements can be considered so outrageous that they are automatically defamatory. Examples of such information include messages that accuse another person of a crime, indicate that someone is sick with a terrible infectious disease, or that someone is incapable of performing their job.

There are specific time limitations within which civil lawsuits alleging defamation against defendants can be filed. You must take action if you feel you have been defamed. An Illinois personal injury lawyer is an expert in civil lawsuits, and Law offices of Paul J Fina is familiar with defamation and intentional torts and has successfully handled many tort cases.

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