Downers Grove Wrongful Death Lawyers

Downers Grove Wrongful Death Lawyers

It can be overwhelming to feel the loss, grief, or pain. We are lawyers representing family members of Downers Grove wrongful-death victims.

Paul FinaWe are passionate about helping next-of-kin and spouses fight for justice because of the high number of wrongful deaths. We will help you to hold the responsible party accountable for your loved one son's death and get you the maximum settlement or verdict. We can help you defend your legal rights, even though no amount of money will undo the damage done.

What is wrongful death?

Unlawful death is when someone dies while they could have filed a personal injury claim had they not been injured in an accident or other incident. This applies to situations that involve negligence or willful misconduct as well as deaths due to defective products and dangerous premises. There are many common causes of death, including accidents and fatal injuries.

  • Car and Truck, Motorcycle, and Other Vehicle Accidents
  • Choking, malnutrition, and fractures are all serious conditions that can be found in nursing homes.
  • Construction accidents or other work-related incidents
  • Defective and dangerous products can cause injuries.
  • Slips & Falls from ladders or unsafe premises
  • Surgical errors and other forms of malpractice

Downers Grove: How Wrongful Death Claims Work

Downers Grove allows surviving spouses to bring claims against the responsible parties. However, wrongful death claims are often filed in conjunction with "survival, " which is brought on behalf of the estate to recover the deceased's losses. For their claims, spouses and the next of kin may file wrongful death cases under Downers Grove law.

  • Anguish and grief
  • Funeral and other funeral expenses
  • Loss of companionship or consortium
  • Future income and benefits may be lost
  • Two painful things in life are suffering and pain

If appropriate, spouses or next-of-kin may also be eligible for punitive damages.

We can help you fight for compensation.

Family members seeking compensation for wrongful death cases in Downers Grove should seek competent legal representation because of the complexity involved. An experienced lawyer is essential to your success. If you settle with insurance companies, you could be barred from making any further claims.

It is essential to distinguish between a direct claim and a claim on behalf of the estate. This means that the spouse or next-of-kin will receive any damages they recover. The second is that the amounts recovered are exempt from creditors' claims. Third, wrongful death claims do not prevent survivors' actions from being filed for the estate. These are compensation claims for family members who suffer personal losses.

Many cases of wrongful death involve serious injuries.

Many cases of wrongful death involve severe brain injuries, and these injuries can be fatal in serious accidents, falls, or collisions. As many as 92% of victims of penetrating traumatic brain injuries also die from their injuries. Paul J. Fina has a lot of experience in helping clients to recover compensation for spinal cord injuries and TBIs.

Paul J. Fina has many decades of experience representing Downers Grove's families of victims of wrongful deaths. Our attorneys will ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to if you choose to work together.

Be sure to contact us immediately if you believe your loved one has been the victim of wrongful death. Although it can seem overwhelming to file a claim for wrongful death compensation, our injury lawyers have experience handling all types of accidents, even those resulting in wrongful deaths. Our lawyers have the knowledge and skills to assist you with your claim. Do not try to do it all.

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