Downers Grove Truck Accident Lawyer

Downers Grove Truck Accident Lawyer

Paul FinaPaul J. Fina in Downers Grove will help you get maximum compensation for your truck accident. If an 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer, or another commercial vehicle has caused you injury or death, Paul J. Fina's injury lawyers will help you get compensation.

Special training is required for commercial truck drivers, and trucking and shipping companies must also take care not to place dangerous trucks on the road. Unfortunately, many Downers Groveland drivers are unaware of the laws and suffer life-altering injuries yearly in truck accidents. Despite laws protecting the public in recent years, the number of fatalities from truck accidents has been increasing.

Trucks are typically used for commercial purposes.

People who work on trucks are usually the ones operating them. Truck drivers get paid with financial incentives that reward drivers who travel long distances and don't stop. For example, many packages have guaranteed delivery times and dates, creating a stressful situation for truck drivers. Remember that the holiday season brings thousands of temporary drivers who are less experienced and well-trained. The danger is evident due to double parking and distracted driving (constantly looking at addresses),

Covid-19's recent shift to online shopping and avoiding physical stores has made delivery trucks already fuller. FedEx announced that in 2021 they would deliver 100 million more holiday packages compared to last year. Due to the unending demand, exhaust truck drivers may be more inclined to drive in winter conditions and speed.

Trucks are larger and heavier.

Always bet on the bigger man in a fight. The same applies to the road. A semi-truck trailer fully loaded weighs in at around 80,000 pounds. A passenger car, on the other hand, weighs between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds. The truck will win every time in a fight between truck and car. Death and debilitating injuries are likely higher when a commercial truck is involved in a collision.

Rural Areas: Extra caution

According to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), most fatal truck accidents occur in rural areas. It's easy to see why you combine long boring stretches on low- traffic roads with tired, overworked drivers. Give semi-trucks and commercial vehicles a lot of space, especially away from urban centers and suburbs. Don't forget to look at the truck's mirrors. The truck driver cannot see your vehicle if they don't have them, and their blind spots can be significantly more significant than the average passenger car.

What are my rights after being injured in a truck crash?

It is crucial for your legal rights to be protected. You will soon find yourself in a financial bind, and your injuries and loss will profoundly impact your life. It would help if you acted now to get the compensation you are due and hold those responsible accountable.

Truck Accident Statistics

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Says,

  • Over 4,000 people were killed in truck accidents last year. Sixteen percent of the victims died in truck accidents, while 67 percent were passengers and drivers of regular cars or SUVs. The remaining 15 percents were bikers or pedestrians.
  • In the case of two-vehicle crashes that year, 97 percent of the victims were in smaller vehicles (not truck drivers).
  • Federal regulations allow commercial truck drivers to legally drive for up to 11 hours without stopping.
  • In the past ten years, semi-truck accidents have resulted in a 33% increase in deaths.
  • Tractor-trailers (a.k.a. Semi-trucks are responsible for 3/4 of all significant truck accidents. About 1/4 of these crashes are caused by single-unit trucks.
  • Fully loaded semi-trucks can take up 40 percent longer than passenger vehicles to come to a complete stop. This number can be even higher if the road is icy or wet. Commercial cars with poorly maintained brakes can lead to slower stop times.
  • Highways and main thoroughfares are the most dangerous roads for truck accidents. More than half of all accidents in trucks occur on these roads. 34% of truck accidents each year occurred on freeways and 15% on side streets.

For just compensation, stand up for it.

Paul J. Fina has represented many victims of truck accidents. Our truck accident lawyers have experience in handling complex cases involving truck accidents. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients get the maximum compensation for their losses and injuries.

We will investigate any truck accident that has resulted in you being injured or losing a loved one. Then we will pursue all responsible parties.

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