Downers Grove Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Downers Grove Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Paul FinaDowners Grove streets are home to a variety of stunning motorcycles. These include high-octane monster bikes and lovingly restored vintage classics. Motorcycle accidents are pretty common in Downers Grove and throughout Downers Grove. Every day, bicyclists are injured in an accident that is not their fault, and this is due to the vulnerability of their bikes and the carelessness of many motorists.

Most motorcycle accidents are caused or exacerbated by cars.

Biker negligence is a serious concern because their vehicles are not designed to protect them from the devastating impact of a collision. Because their motorcycles lack the safety features of four-wheeled vehicles like airbags and steel frames, riders who ride them are likely to be injured. You can compare a four-wheeled passenger car (3,000-4,000 lbs) and a semi-truck (1,200-3,300 kg) to see why motorcyclists have a high risk of injury. Motorcyclists are 29x less likely to die in a crash than people in cars.

Downers Grove motorcycle accidents can cause severe, life-threatening injuries. A motorcyclist can be thrown off their bike with a minor impact. The motorcyclist is then thrown off the motorcycle and skids on the roads, developing road rash. Many times, the occupants of the motorbike do not survive, and the survivors may experience a lifetime of pain, hardship, and impairment.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Collisions in Downers Grove

  • Downers Grove Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Unsafe Lane Changes – Any local driver will tell you that unsafe lane changes are expected on Downers Grove roads. A rash lane change can not only help inconvenience motorists but can also cause high-speed accidents for motorcyclists.
  • Downers Grove Motorcycle Injuries Due to Opened Car Doors – There are few actions more stupid than opening your car door into traffic. Motorcyclists are at greater risk than any other type of action. Paul J. Fina is a law firm that will compensate you if you are hurt in this way.
  • Downers Grove Motorcycle Collisions Caused by Speeding. The laws of physics say that the faster an object moves, the more severe the accident is if it collides with another vehicle. A motorcyclist in a vulnerable position can sustain severe injuries without motorists' protection.
  • Downers Grove Motorcycle Accidents Resulting From Sudden Stops A motorist must ensure that his vehicle is under control at all times. A motorist who suddenly stops is generally liable for any accident that occurs. The consequences of a motorcycle accident can be especially severe.
  • Downers Grove Motorcycle Accidents Caused by DUI: A DUI incident often leads to two legal proceedings, criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages. There may be unique legal issues. For example, punitive damages might be possible. Sometimes, an alcohol vendor third party can be added as a second defendant.

Common Injuries in Downers Grove Motorcycle Accidents

  • Head Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents in Downers Grove: Although Downers Grove is not one of the few states requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets, a defendant may still use the defense of failing to wear a helmet. This defense is not always possible without a skilled lawyer. A motorcyclist may sustain a head injury even if wearing a helmet.
  • Road Rash from Motorcycle Accidents in Downers Grove: Motorcyclists are likelier to maintain "road rash" damage than motorists. These injuries can be excruciating and can cause permanent scarring. A "road rash" case can have a high potential value. Your lawyer's skill and dedication will determine how much you get.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents in Downers Grove: Similar to Christopher Reeve's accident where he was paralyzed after being thrown off his horse, it can happen with a motorcycle. Quadriplegia is very costly to treat, and the initial hospitalization costs 1 million and the annual cost of $185,000 for each subsequent year. Spasms, difficulty breathing, loss of fertility, struggle to control the bladder and bowels, sexual dysfunction, and ongoing tingling or stinging sensations are other complications of spinal cord injuries.
  • Muscle Injury from Motorcycle Accidents in Downers Grove: You might not realize how severe your injuries are until a while later. Do not settle for a token amount that only covers your medical bills. You may be eligible for more compensation to cover other damages, such as pain and suffering or disability.
  • Biker's Arm from Motorcycle Accidents in Downers Grove: This is a condition where you raise your arms to absorb the shock of a motorcycle crash. Permanent nerve damage can sometimes occur, even though some symptoms may not appear immediately following an accident.
  • Leg Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents in Downers Grove: Your entire body is exposed when you ride a motorcycle. Motorcyclists can sustain severe damage if they are involved in an accident that could have been a minor fender-bender.
  • Motorcycle accidents in Downers Grove can cause amputations. Motorcycle accidents can easily cause limb loss, especially when riders are trapped between their bike or another vehicle. Phantom pain, a challenging condition, can result in an arm or leg loss. Prosthetic limbs can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $70,000. Amputees often need to modify their living space and be able to drive specialized vehicles.

Safety Tips For Bikers

Did you know that motorcyclists are 29x as likely to be killed in a crash than people riding in cars? These tips help you get home safely after a bike ride.

Use protective gear

Helmets are not required under state law. However, they can save lives. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration infers that motorcycle helmets have saved more than 25,000 lives since 2002. The chin is the most frequently injured area in a motorcycle accident, at 20%, and Full-face helmets are highly recommended.

Keep Visible

Slow down, and make sure that approaching cars look at you. Turn your lights on, no matter what time it is. Wear bright colors, even if they are just a helmet or flag. Make sure you are visible!

Make sure to check the weather.

Wind can be dangerous for motorcycles in the Windy City. Check the weather before you go on longer rides.


1/3 of fatal motorcycle accidents are caused by speeding. Speeding on a motorcycle is easy, and there's no doubt about that. However, flying on two wheels is much more dangerous due to the rider's vulnerability. Slow down. It is essential to slow down.

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