Elevator Accident Lawyer

Elevator Accident Lawyer

Paul FinaWhile elevators and escalators are applicable transport mechanisms in apartment buildings, shopping malls, and office buildings, they can also be dangerous equipment that may malfunction and cause serious injuries.

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Elevator passengers may be hurt if an elevator car falls suddenly, stops below or above the floor, or if the doors fail to close quickly upon contact.

When an escalator suddenly stops, accelerates, or moves irregularly, passengers may be hurt and lose their balance or fall. Passengers can be seriously injured if the gap between the sidewalls and the escalator's stairs is too broad or objects get stuck at the plate's end.

You may bring a claim against the property manager, property owner, or maintenance company if you are injured in an escalator or elevator accident. Property owners and others responsible for maintaining their property, such as property management firms, have the legal responsibility to take precautions to ensure their property is safe.

Complex legal issues can arise from escalator and elevator accidents. Law offices of Paul J Fina' Chicago premises liability lawyers have represented clients in various personal injury cases, including elevator and escalator accident cases. Contact the Chicago personal injuries attorneys to discuss your premises liability to arrange a free consultation.

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