Construction Accident Attorney

Construction Accident Attorney

Paul FinaBoth workers and visitors can be injured on construction sites. Construction sites can present dangers such as ladders, heavy machinery, scaffolding, and unfinished structures. Construction site accidents are standard, and these accidents can lead to severe injuries or even death. An experienced personal injury lawyer is recommended if you or someone you love has been injured in a construction accident. Construction liability cases can be complex, and you must consult a lawyer familiar with these types. Law offices of Paul J Fina has years of experience in handling cases involving construction liability.

Find Fault in a Construction Accident

Multiple parties may be responsible for an injury sustained at a construction site. These are potential defendants in a construction negligence lawsuit:

  • Construction site owners
  • Site architects
  • General contractors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Manufacturers of equipment
  • Managers in construction

A skilled personal injury attorney helps determine who is responsible for a construction accident.

Construction Liability and Workers' Compensation

You may only be entitled to workers' compensation if you were an employee at the accident's site. Workers' compensation laws limit the number of workers hurt on the job. Employees cannot sue their employers. However, if another party is responsible for your accident, you could have a third-party cause to action. This would be in addition to your workers' comp claim. You must pursue every avenue of compensation to ensure the best possible recovery for your injuries.

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