18 Wheelers


Significant 18 wheeler Accidents are indeed traumatic and leave anyone in depression. Truck or 18 wheelers are much bigger than cars, and accidents involving these two are often more destructive and problematic. Though 18 wheelers are a significant part of our nation’s economy, the size and the weight of this vehicle pose a lot of danger. A collision with an 18 wheelers can cause severe damage to your car and even death.

According to a survey, there are almost 2 million big trucks in the United States of America. These trucks are involved in 500,000 accidents on the roads of America every year. It kills nearly 98 percent of people, either the driver or a passenger. If we talk about the injuries, heavy trucks and 18 wheelers cause approximately 130,000 injuries annually.

These numbers are quite staggering, and yes 18 wheelers are dangerous. Whenever they are involved in an accident, the injuries are severe or even cause death. If you are the one who encountered an 18 wheelers accident or your loved ones, you need to contact Fina law office as soon as possible so that you can claim for the damages, and it is your lawful right to do so. Serious injuries can lead to expensive medical bills and unemployment. The trucking companies are liable to pay for the damage as well as the medical bills. Find an expert attorney in Downers Grove, IL, by your side so that he can fight with you step by step.

Common Reasons For 18 Wheelers Accidents

Eighteen wheelers is a truck with a trailer. It typically has 18 wheels; to make it clear that it is a large commercial truck. The engines in 18 wheelers are six times larger than the engines in smaller cars. It helps them to carry all the load keeps all 18 wheels turning. Recent surveys show that 18 wheelers are transmitting 70% of all the goods in the United States. A regular 18 wheelers drive almost 175 billion miles per year. These numbers clarify how many and how frequently we see 18 wheelers on our roads and how more significant a threat they are to our lives while on the streets.

Many factors are involved in 18 wheelers accidents, but the most common causes are as under:


Eighteen wheelers drivers often drive long miles without taking any rest. They have tight deadlines and have to make deliveries on time. They often neglect the resting time as defined by federal law. Even if they follow the rules, they are still tired of long drives and prone to fall asleep during driving. It leads to severe road accidents involving small cars and motorcycles.


Long drives often leave drivers distracted. This distraction involves engaging in a phone conversation, using a cellphone during driving, texting, daydreaming, and even eating. All these things can take the driver’s attention off the front of the road and engage in an accident.

Late Brakes

Larger vehicles such as 18 wheelers need more time to come to a halt after applying brakes. A tired or distracted driver may notice the danger late, and as a result, he will stop late. Keeping in mind all the load he carries, no wonder that he will create more havoc than a smaller car or vehicle.

Over Speeding

Over speeding in 18 wheelers is fatal. Drivers are often anxious to meet the deadlines, and as a result, they break the speed limits.

Blind Spots Accidents

Large vehicles such as 18 wheelers often fall prey to the car in the blind spot while changing the lanes and devastating damage to the cars and passengers.

Things To Do After An Accident With 18 Wheelers?

If you end up having a crash with an 18 wheeler, God forbid, call 911 at once as your safety is our priority. Other actions you can take at the accident spot, such as:
  • Collect trucker’s information such as name, address, contact details, and driving license, etc. you can gather any other relevant information as well. That you think will help you to file a claim.
  • Take a picture of the driver’s license, if possible. He must have an authentic driving license. There are other things about the 18 wheelers which you should keep in mind such as:
    • Truck’s license plate number
    • Company’s name whose truck he was driving
    • Insurance details of the driver
    • Information on the cargo in the truck
    • Besides these things, you also need to gather evidence from the accident
    • Take Photographs

Take as many pictures as possible of the accident scene. Use your cellphone to take these photos. Take photos of your car and the truck.

Take Notes

If you think you will not recall what happened at the accident scene, write down everything you remember. You can take notes on your cellphone as well.


Look around if you see anyone present at the time accident happened. You can ask for what happened, take notes, and ask for their contact details so we can ask for their help if required.

Surveillance Cameras

Security surveillance cameras are also helpful to determine the exact cause of the accident. Your lawyer can get them for you if required. Accidents involving 18 wheelers have devastating results. Most insurance companies do not pay the damage without fighting. So for this purpose, you need a lawyer who can fight on your behalf and get you what you deserve. An experienced Fina law office lawyer can help you investigate the case by collecting all the case details. Our lawyers can contact the insurance company and can take a chance to trial if required.

When the Fina law office prepares your case, he will include all the necessary details. We are a client-oriented company that believes in a strong client relationship. We have many such cases to present as an example. We can guarantee that you have the best experience of your life working with us.

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