As an accident victim,
you have the right to be heard.

The Law Offices of Paul J. Fina will be your strong legal voice every step of the way.

Each case receives undivided attention and service.

Paul is committed to fighting injustice and genuinely wants to know and understand what his clients are going through and how best to meet their needs.

Hard Work, Compassion and Attention to Detail

This is the foundation to every successful settlement or verdict he achieves, and this service philosophy can best be realized by his litigation results.

Legal Tips
The results you get from a serious injury or death claim will depend on the attorney you choose.
The playing field is not level. Insurance companies have high priced lawyers on retainer, and their primary interest is minimizing or eradicating a personal injury victim's fair and just compensation for an injury sustained.
Paul Fina works to level the playing field. He seeks to recover all damages that the law will allow, including compensation for pain and suffering, reimbursement of lost wages and payment for medical bills.
Recent Success On Behalf of Clients
In a recent class-action lawsuit led by Paul J. Fina, Kerr McGee Chemical Company agreed to pay $5 million for damages resulting from the spillage of toxic chemical waste.
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The Law Offices of Paul J. Fina provide quality, experienced and personal legal representation for all types of personal injury claims. Paul J. Fina's extensive experience will help you with your legal needs and assure that you receive just compensation for your injuries or for those of a family member or friend.

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