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Workers Compensation Lawyer Downers Drove IL - Workplace Injury Attorney | Law Offices of Paul J. Fina - 1workerHave You Been Injured at Work? Get the Compensation You’re Owed!

If you’ve been injured at work you are entitled to a number of benefits, regardless of who was at fault. These benefits include disability pay, medical treatment, and compensation for your injuries. In fact, your employer is legally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, and the law offices of Paul J. Fina have a wealth of experience handling work injury cases like yours.

Workers’ compensation cases typically include multiple parties, due to the fact that they include a case against whoever was responsible for the injury. One example would be a delivery driver injured in an auto accident would have a workers’ compensation case, as well as a separate case against the driver who caused the auto accident.

Even if you were at fault for an accident that occurred at your place of work, you are still entitled to recover compensation for your injuries, as stated by The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. If you were injured at work, but are hesitant to call because you are at fault, don’t wait any longer – you are still owed benefits and compensation.

Don’t Get Bullied By Your Employer's Insurance Into Settling for Less Than You Are Owed

Is your insurance carrier denying or blocking your medical treatment? Have you not received your temporary total disability pay? Or is your insurance carrier or employer claiming your injury was not work related? These are all common ways that workers are denied the compensation and benefits that they are legally owed, all of which can be fought in court with the help of an experienced attorney.

If an insurance carrier is offering you money, don’t accept it without first consulting with a knowledgeable attorney. You may not realize what your injury is worth. In many cases, a settlement should consist of permanent partial disability, wage loss differential, permanent total disability, or vocational training, but injured workers who have never spoken to a personal injury do not realize what they are truly entitled to.

Choose an Illinois Personal Injury Attorney Who Has Helped Hundreds of Individuals Recover the Compensation They Deserve

If you've been injured at work, it’s important to contact a personal injury attorney right away to ensure that you get the compensation and benefits you deserve. The law offices of Paul J. Fina has years of experience helping Illinois workers recover from injuries by getting them the medical care and compensation they deserve.

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